Tuesday, October 18, 2011

End of Summer Sleepover

I've been meaning to post about this for a while now! Before everyone went back to school I had all twelve of my friends spend a week at the beach with me- What a blast it was! 

We played tons of games, stayed up way too late, and even cooked for ourselves! 


Trouble only arose once, when Nellie, Rebecca and Xiaofei decided to play with my paint spinner unsupervised...Here they are when the paint was still IN the spinner. The after picture is too chaotic to post!

Only one sad thing dampened the fesitivies- Xiaofei, my friend from music class, is moving! Her dad got a new job across the country and I will miss her a lot! She was half the reason I even went to music class (I'm not very good at guitar, let's be honest!) I'm not sure what I would do if any of my other friends moved away, especially my best friend, Madalina. Let's hope no one else leaves for a long time!

I hope you enjoyed my entry as always, love,
Winnie xx

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