Thursday, December 23, 2010

Super Squee!

Today was the best day of my whole life! I got to go to an aquarium! Mum took me to Discovery Place where they have lots of neat exhibits with live animals. There was a Frog Forest, a Jungle, and last AND best, "World Alive," which was an assortment of aquariums! You can click my photos to make them bigger.

Here I am, leaping up and down in excitement!

Wow! The first World Alive tank was an example of a marsh pool. I was ecstatic to get so up close and personal with the fishies!

Next was a tank of Garden Eels. I have to admit they're a little creepy. 

In the Jungle, I got to climb a rope bridge that looked down on the forest floor! I kinda like heights now!

Here's the Frog Forest, these two friendly guys looked quite cozy.

The grand finale- my most favourite animal in the world...sting rays!!! It was super to see them so close. This one swam up against the glass to tell me hello!

After all the excitement, we ended our day with a relaxing trip to the 3D movie theatre. We saw a documentary about sharks! All the marine life seemed to pop out at you as though you could reach out and touch it- sooo cool! They showed the whale shark at the end, which is my favourite shark.

Thanks for looking and sharing my day with me. So far this is the best Christmas ever!

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  1. I'm glad you had such an awesome day, Winnie! You have such a great mom! Merry Christmas!