Friday, December 3, 2010

Stuff I love

I'm playing secret Santa with my friends and we had to write down things we like. So I decided to post it here, as well! These were the questions...

1. Favourite colour: Blue
2. Favourite hobby: Clothes shopping!
3. Favourite film: Finding Nemo
4. Favourite food: Cookies. And candy...doesn't matter what kind, though I do love Gobstoppers! I have an eternal sweet tooth. 
5. Favourite animal: Any kind of skate or ray. Especially manta rays! 

I want to be a marine biologist so that I can study them up close. I loooove sea life. Mum says when she was a kid she went to the San Francisco Aquarium and got to pet Bat rays! I want to go to the Georgia Aquarium and see the mantas there. I read about the first one to be introduced to America, in 2008! 

I spend too much time on the internet, at least my mother thinks so! I love watching YouTube videos. My favourites are AG ones of course. But I watch a lot of ocean videos, too. THIS VIDEO has to be my favourite of all time! It's so calming, and I soo have to get to Japan one day and see this in person! Look at the whale sharks and those giant manta rays!! 

P.S.- The Advent Calendar has started! View it HERE! I'm in the intro video, and a few others throughout the Advent. I think my friends really shine as the true stars, though. I'm not big on acting.


  1. Salut, Winnie!
    That's very neat that you are so into marine biology; I am the exact same way about sociology.
    I am really enjoying your blog and getting to know you better.

  2. Ooh, marine biology? That sounds cool. I like Science, too, and Math. Most of the girls at my school think I'm weird because of that, but hey, if I want to be a forensic scientist (or something similar) one day, I better know my Science!

    I'm rather addicted to Youtube, too. You're definitely not alone. I like to use it to discover new French pop artists.


  3. Winnie! Hello!

    I went to the Georgia Aquarium. I loved petting the little rays. It was fun. I sincerely hope you get to go!

    I want to be a forensic scientist. My interest in the show Bones has me really hoping.

    Was that video from the Georgia Aquarium? (EDIT: It was not. I realized that they do not have the little restraints in the Georgia one.) If so, I love that room! The Whale Sharks were my favorite. I also thought is was so mean when a Hammerhead started chasing a fish. I let out a huge sigh of relief when the fish won! I loved the Beluga whales. I got a mini-one. I named her Maris, after my favorite one there. Too bad I was too early, and the dolphin exhibit wasn't open!

    -Sophia R.

  4. Oops. Not forensic scientist. If they're not the same thing! I mean a forensic anthropologist.


  5. Hi Winnie,
    Nice to meet you and hope to get to know you better! In the meantime check out my blog at

    Haley :)