Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Christmas Carol

On Thursday, I made a poster for a lunch I'm hosting next Saturday to benefit a local children's home. When I went to hang it up on the bulletin board at our community center, I found out A Christmas Carol was playing at the local theatre that very night! I told Nellie about it and she bought us tickets! She is a great friend and always doing nice stuff like that. I've never been to a play before so I was really excited to go! 

Both of us dressed in our holiday best. We got to sit on the second level in the box seating, I felt like royalty! We had a superb view and it was a really great performance. My favourite character was the Ghost of Christmas Present. He always seems so jovial and makes me laugh! Nellie and I both loved it and clapped long after the rest of the audience had died down. Nellie kept our tickets, I think she is going to put them in her scrapbook.

What fun holiday activities have you done with your friends so far?


  1. A play? How fun! I love theatre. I'm not really an actress myself, but watching other actresses perform is a favorite activity of mine. I got to see a play over the summer in Vermont, which was the first time I've gotten to see one in a while.

    I'm still visiting Inky now, and since she's in The Nutcracker this year, that's pretty much the extent of our holiday activities so far. I don't mind; she's quite the dancer! :)


  2. Fun! You and Nellie looked like you had a great time. You two look so cheerful and Christmasy. Me, so far, I discovered Chrissa sneaking around searching for presents. I'm waiting for my favorite month to finally take off.