Friday, July 1, 2011

Long Time, No See!

I know, it's been forever! I apologise for that! I am a very tidy person most of the time, but somehow my desk became unorganised and I misplaced my password lists! It has been very trying to be without my Blog for so long! Thank goodness, this morning I was rummaging through my desk, and found my password! What a relief. What has everyone been up to?? I see that I have more followers now- I'm so touched! 

So, what I have been up to: LOTS! I went on my very first plane ride! It was really exciting. Kirsten and Molly helped me pack for my trip- as you can see, it took strong Molly to get my suitcase shut. (I don't travel light!) But the trip was fun, I went to Cape Cod. It was too cold to swim, though, this was back in May. 

Something more recent is that I am taking guitar lessons! I really like guitar even though it is so hard to play. I think I have been getting better. I made a new friend where I take lessons. Her name is Xiaofei and she is from Guilin, China. That's very far away! She likes to practice her violin...and her English! We did a performance together after the first two months of lessons. Afterwards, we had a sleepover. 

Oh, last but not least! Wayyy back in January I got to visit ANOTHER aquarium! Check out the video here: Winnie at the Aquarium 

And then I went to visit the USS Battleship North Carolina with Madalina. Here's the video for THAT: The Battleship

I promise to update more now that I've my password back. I think it is something I won't ever forget again! 

Love, Winnie


  1. Hi Winnie,

    It's good to see you updating again! I've missed you. It's funny that you mentioned both the suitcase and the guitar. I've been thinking of purchasing both for myself. I'm in desperate need of a new suitcase as I only own a couple of ancient ones (I think they were owned by two girls named Samantha and Molly at one point!). I've also thought about learning guitar. I don't want to become a 'star' or anything. It's just that Carla Bruni is one of my favorite singers, and she plays the guitar, too. I think it'd be cool to play guitar like her.

    How neat that you got to visit Cape Cod! I've heard nothing but great things about it, although I've yet to visit myself. Maybe someday.

    Xiaofei seems nice! It's always great to make a new friend. :)


  2. Hi Winnie!

    I'm SO SO glad you're back! I love your blog. Xiaofei looks very sweet. In fact, she looks just like me! XD
    Looking forward to more posts from you! :)